Patient Financial Diagnostics

• This year we found $1.7B for our customers.
• This year our customers made 1M less collection calls.
• This year over 1M less collection letters went to our clients patients.

Improve Financial Clearance Outcomes

• Multisource patient data verification
• Integrated data
• Automatic credit resolution

Heal Fractured Patient Access

• Patient demographic error correction
• Capture lost revenue
• Seamless integration into your billing system

Patient financial access solution with fixed rate pricing

Regardless of volume, no per-transaction fees

Custom treatment plans for your accounts receivable dysfunction




The breakthrough cure for patient access disorder

Unlike the mega tech conglomerates who try to be all things to all people, FrontRunnerHC is focused solely on creating the wonder drug—the one dose cure for accounts receivable dysfunction.

Accelerate cash flow, decrease costs

See how easy it is to plug in Patient Remedi & get immediate results.