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    Patient Financial Diagnostics

The dysfunctional solution

The big data conglomerates are making a play to own the healthcare industry—buying up disjointed technologies and cobbling them together under a brand name that appears to do it all and more. The result is compromised technology, overwhelmed support staff, and glacially slow customizations for the client.

From the top of healthcare IT

FrontRunnerHC was founded by expats from the big data conglomerates. With a clear view from the top, we were able see how much there is to improve in accounts receivable management. Today, FrontRunnerHC software is working behind the scenes in hospitals, provider groups and laboratories nationwide.


Average reduction in eligibility denials

Middleware built for purpose

PatientRemedi lives in-between the frontend of your HIS and your backend master database. It doesn’t require traditional system integration—it plugs in quickly and runs in the background.

Integrated data with one-click updates

With Patient Remedi, the operators don’t need to remember to initiate a demographic or insurance discovery search, it’s done automatically while they interact with the patient.

When Patient Remedi discovers new or incorrect information, most updates take only one simple click of the mouse to initiate the correction.

Specialized financial clearance technology

Patient Remedi is a unified program where each and every element is designed from the ground up to work perfectly with the next, providing faster performance and requiring far fewer system resources.

Your typical financial clearance “solution” is actually a collection of disconnected software programs and teams bought out by a big company and slapped together—performance is clumsy and simple problems are glacially slow to fix.

Nimble solutions & customized development

Our implementation team is responsible for your entire integration and training experience. You don’t have a separate representative to deal with for each component of your financial clearance solution as with other organizations.

Our team of Patient Remedi experts customize the solution for your specific workflow and operational needs.

The Patient Demographic Cloud Connection

The FrontRunner Demographic Cloud was built for speed—since it is our own demographics and insurance discovery network the average search result is returned in 1.8 seconds— PatientRemedi combs through this comprehensive data source using proprietary search methodology for faster, more accurate results.

Demographics databases

The Patient Demographic Cloud connects to private and public databases to find out everything you’d like to know about each and every patient: current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and social security numbers.

PatientRemedi Cross references all this information with the HIS for detailed demographic verification.

Insurance databases

The Patient Demographic Cloud connects to thousands of payers—both private and government—to confirm eligibility, map historical coverage, find coverage changes, and discover retroactive coverage.

PatientRemedi can determine if self-pay patients are actually eligible for Medicaid or Charity Care.

Clearinghouse databases

The Patient Demographic cloud even sees if a patient has a history of refusal to pay for services and involvement with collections agencies.

PatientRemedi uses this to determine each patient’s likelihood to pay their medical bills and factors that assessment into work queue prioritization.

Brings data quality to full health

PatientRemedi doesn’t just find more timely and accurate demographics and insurance information—it uses that knowledge to streamline your front-end patient access process and improve your back-end master database.

Cleanses your database

PatientRemedi cross-references all information from the Patient Demographic Cloud with the information residing in your master database.

Every piece of patient information that affects the revenue cycle can be either confirmed or corrected in a matter of seconds.

Protects your database

The operator is automatically alerted to any missing or incorrect information. But people aren’t perfect–sometimes they will miss a trigger for correction.

PatientRemedi flags any suspect data or omissions that are about to be entered into the system due to operator error.

Connects to ancillary devices

Ancillary devices and data points patient portals, patient kiosks or external billing systems feeds often contain incorrect or outdate information. Patient Remedi filters this data prior to entering your database to insure quality and reduce back-end rework.

PatientRemedi can provide the same data verification and cleansing to these points of patient information.

Financial productivity therapy

A patient financial clearance diagnosis does only so much good if the course of treatment is left entirely up to an operator’s discretion. PatientRemedi uses complex business rules to apply each patient’s financial information to determine the appropriate and consistent course of action.

Work queue prioritization & likelihood to pay

PatientRemedi analyzes financial transaction and prepares a work queue based on task priorities by return on time invested.

Patient likelihood, historical track record and ability to pay are all taken into account, ensuring that a billing department’s resources are deployed for maximum ROI.

Pre-qualifications for decreased writeoffs

On average, 10% of patients are typically designated as “self-pay,” but only 3% actually are—the rest has insurance that was not discovered or the patient qualifies for Charity Care or Medicaid.

PatientRemedi prequalifies these patients to decrease future write-offs and even makes retroactive adjustments on outstanding invoices.

Tracks AR and automates transactions

PatientRemedi analyzes payment information alongside its original assessments of patient likelihood to pay and return on time for constant performance improvements.

Highest data quality

Fastest process

Highest reimbursements

Lowest costs

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