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Coronavirus fraud has cost consumers an overwhelming $12 million to date. Threats of this nature are severely compromising efforts to contain the virus and could have grave impacts in patient care. Recent scams include:

  • Fake drive-through testing sites

    • Sites have been reported in KY, AL, AZ, FL, GA & NY​

  • Unapproved & misbranded products

  • Illegal coronavirus-related telemarketing calls

  • Phishing & malware scams

Threat to Labs

Healthcare organizations, including testing labs, have been exposed to an influx in cybersecurity threats since the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis. The World Health Organization (WHO) has seen a significant increase in attempts, including an unsuccessful attack to penetrate and steal their internal emails. 


Together with the FDA, the FTC has issued warning letters to 7 companies advertising and selling unapproved and misbranded products. The FTC plans to further enforce and take action against fraudulent and unsupported products that directly pose a threat to consumers. 

Across the globe, cybersecurity professionals are offering up their time, expertise and even free access to their resources to fight the security concerns and ward off hackers. 

In Europe, a group of information security professionals, Cyber Volunteers (CV19), are providing ongoing support to healthcare services. 

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