• Manage credit balance resolutions painlessly

    Credit Balance solves regulatory concerns while keeping more cash in house

    Credit Balance

Credit Balance makes the process automatic and economical.

Identifying the one patient out of a thousand who is due a refund—for sometimes highly technical reasons—is difficult under any circumstance for analysts of varying experience. Credit Balance handles every aspect of the credit balance resolution process, from refunds, transfers and adjustments to write-offs, FSC changes and beyond.

One application that does the work of three FTEs

Credit Balance acts as middlewear between your HIS and database but can also be accessed and monitored through a portal. Credit Balance runs in the background analyzing every case for the best course of action—instantly. Machine learning algorithms learn from your employees, making the resolution process more and more efficient over time.

Business rules wizard

FrontRunnerHC works with your team to map the exact criteria for any credit balance situation your organization will face—all according to the programming language of your HIS.

All patient or payer refunds are prescreened while actions for refunds and transfers are executed in the background. Pre-programmed operator keystrokes update the HIS and create notes for a detailed audit trail.

Full automation—even paperwork

After Credit Balance determines the necessary actions, it routes all credits to the appropriate recipient. If a patient is due a refund, they are automatically cut a check from accounts payable.

If the patient or their dependents have open balances or applicable write-offs, those credits are applied down to the specific services. All documentation is provided, including EOBs and updated FSC codes.

Handles insurance refunds with ease

Refunds to payers are fast and straightforward. Credit Balance cross-references research data to determine why the refund was created, such as two insurers paying as a primary.

It then presents your analysts with recommendations in categories with MRN numbers and creates all the necessary refund documentation.

Make refunds pay for themselves and more.

  • Avoids write offs

    Nearly 70% of patients with credits have open balances

  • Distributes credits

    Posts refunds to open balances—even across families

  • Reduces actual refunds

    Up to 76% refund reduction due to balance posting

  • Prepares for the future

    Holds credits for scheduled services and procedures

  • Beats the clock

    Stays ahead of cut-off dates

Make every analyst a credit balance surgeon.

  • Supercharges credit balance teams

    Analysts clear up to 10X more cases per hour

  • Dramatically decreases manual operations

    Up to 84.3% reduction in manual credit balances

  • Lightens resource needs

    Up to 50% reduction in FTE credit balance resolutions

  • Shifts workloads

    Veteran analysts can concentrate on complex cases

  • Offers Compliance Protection

    Dramatically reduces human error

See how painless it is to plug in Credit Balance and make refunds work for you.